Merry Christmas 2011 and Happy New Year 2012 

Hawkeye Farms 

Season Greetings from Tommy and Anji

Max, Katie, Cloie, Joey, Kenny, Nikkei and Raven


We would like to start off by saying we are truly blessed this year especially after the April 27th tornados that destroyed our county

These are a few pics from the 5:30am EF-3 tornado that came directly over the house

We were lucky and only had minor damage to the house and property 

The debris pile from our own tree loss was over 10' high, 25' wide and 200' long (over 35 trees broke like toothpicks)

We never lost hope and knew that our Christmas would indeed be special as Cloie awaits by the fire and Max and Katie go about the yard with their candy canes


New baby Raven search about kitchen looking for who we call Santa Clause and does he really exist


Little does she know that the boys (Joey & Kenny) are hard at work getting the toys ready to display

As Nikkei the new kitty supervises the work from high above in the golf cart

Joey hustles about

only to discover that Kenny has let Raven out!!! Yikes what do we do now?

(Kenny) There is no need to blame me, she still believes

as Katie looks on in disbelief


Max says my boy Joey get the moose and tell Raven this "Santa has to deliver the moose and deer toys the 24th due to special shipping fees"

Got it dad

Wait a minute are you serious Moose and Deer


Ha Ha to all of you I caught Santa by his beard

OMG too much what a tall tail, Now lets all get some rest !!!

Sienna we miss you, Rest in Peace Sweet Baby

01/31/2002 03/10/2011

 Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year