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  How it all started

We met in collage and one of our first conversations was about our German Shepherds, which we both owned at the time. A couple of years later we married. After a few years of apartment life and fish as pets we moved into our first house with our new kitty named Crystal and shortly after that  a cute German Shepherd male by the named of Hawkeye’s Ranger joined our household. Hawkeye was Tommy’s nickname in collage so it was the perfect kennel name for us, but at that time we had no ideal Ranger would change our lives into a doggie world. The next year Hawkeye’s Shelby joined us. By this time we were very active in obedience. Our weekend’s that were once filled with going to the lake and water-skiing was over, now the question was, where do we go for shows. 

In 1984 we thought about competing in conformation and after a year of looking and many heart to heart discussions with senior members of our kennel club about different breeds we began to search for the perfect Belgian Tervuren. It took another year of research, writing letters and making long distance phone calls all over the country (remember there was no Internet, Email or Cell Phones in the old days), We finally found the right Tervuren for us and in August of 1986 “Scarlet” joined our family  as our first conformation dog.

And as they say the rest is history,

  About Tommy & Anji

We have been active in the sport of competition dog showing for over 25-years and have owned Belgian Tervuren and German Shepard breeds. We have handled numerous breeds including Irish Setters, Standard Schnauzers, Welch Corgis, Yorkshire Terriers, Springer Spaniels, Pomeranians, Belgian Sheepdogs, Dalmatians, Great Danes and several other breeds for friends and to gain experience of other breeds other than our own. We take pride in being part of the owner handler community. 

Hawkeye Farms is a private owned Belgian Tervuren hobby kennel located on three acres in the Historic Tannehill Valley area of Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. Our kennel has eight indoor/outdoor runs heated and cooled along with a complete grooming room. Outside we have five exercise areas that occupies over 70,000 square feet of space. 

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We are members of the American Belgian Tervuren Club (ABTC), Tuscaloosa Kennel Club ( TKC All-Breed Club), and Southeastern Belgian Tervuren Club (SEBTC).


           1988 Scarlet, Tommy & Anji                                     2004 Tommy, Max, Anji and Katie


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